Buyer Tips How to Move With Your Pet Considering a move to the Raleigh area? We all love our pets and Coco our Boston Terrier is the best. 3 tips to help your dog adjust to a new home👇🏼🏡 🐾Don’t change your routine schedule. Feed, walk, play at the same times each day. 🐾Establish familiar places within your home. Set their bed and […]
Buyer Tips Spring Housing -Raleigh NC is GOING TO CRASH ??! Raleigh Spring Housing Market–Inquiring Minds Want to Know! The sky is falling –but home prices are NOT, at least not in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Take a look at some insight from industry leaders: “We see competition among buyers…housing supply tends to grow during the spring.” Spring is when migration happens for most […]
Buyer Tips How to Sell Your Home FASTER & for MORE $$$! Want to know how to SELL YOUR HOME faster ? 10 UPGRADES that help your home sell for MULTIPLE OFFERS and QUICKER ! Now that we have entered the HOT SEASON of home buying and selling here in Raleigh, NC take a look at the list below for HOT ITEMS that encourage buyers to jump […]
Suburbs of Raleigh What to consider when moving to Raleigh, NC! 5 things to consider when moving to Raleigh, NC! Yes, it’s fantastic in regards to education, weather, food, proximity to beach & mountains and growing diversity ! However, keep in mind nothing is perfect. With the growth comes the factors below to consider about the ‘City of Oaks.’ Competitive Housing Market –with investors targeting the […]
Buyer Tips 5 NEW Facts for Holly Springs, NC in 2023   As my small suburban town just 20 minutes south of Raleigh, NC continues to grow -consistent values remain, growth and new entertainment for its residents will continue to accelerate. Take a look at 5 Holly Springs facts for 2023 that continue to keep this town at the top of the hot list for home […]
Home Improvements 10 MUST-HAVE Home Upgrades that are Worth It! Zero threshold showers. This eliminates barriers without a lip or edge on your traditional shower door basin. This walk in shower allows for aging in place or accommodates injuries. Cool roofing. These roofs reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a traditional roof. They improve indoor comfort and decrease energy used to cool the […]
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