Home Improvements January 4, 2023

10 MUST-HAVE Home Upgrades that are Worth It!

  1. Zero threshold showers. This eliminates barriers without a lip or edge on your traditional shower door basin. This walk in shower allows for aging in place or accommodates injuries.
  2. Cool roofing. These roofs reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a traditional roof. They improve indoor comfort and decrease energy used to cool the home.
  3. Kitchen countertops. They are an integral part of a kitchens style and function. The top countertop trend quartz offers a fresh look with easier maintenance and more functionality.
  4. Upgraded garage doors. A new garage door is a quick and easy way to punch up curb appeal. A garage door replacement has one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to resale value.
  5. Radiant heat flooring. Installed below the floor, this heating system warms from the bottom up. It provides evenly distributed heat that’s cozy on the feet.
  6. Automatic bathroom vent fans. Models have humidity sensors that activate the fans automatically, great for those who forget to turn it on and prevents from wasting energy.
  7. Tankless water heater. Space saving and energy wise, they last about twice as long as a standard tank. Another benefit is the hot water supply isn’t limited to how much water the tank can hold.
  8. Decks & patios. Large or small a new deck is a simple way to add a lot of value to your property. Although the cost of lumber might seem like a splurge, both wood and composite decking is a great return on investment.
  9. Enhanced kitchen storage. Adequate storage adds function, order and enjoyment to the kitchen. Consider building out an underutilized area of the kitchen, tapping into a wall of a nearby room or converting a closet if you have one to store all the kitchen gadgets.
  10. Solar energy. Supplementing your home with solar power can reduce both your energy bills and carbon footprint. Decreasing costs for materials, tax credits and incentives make them more affordable than days of the past.

Enjoy the upgrades while you’re living in your home — and the dollars reaped when you do decide to sell! Give me a call to assist with your home sale in Raleigh, NC. 919-629-1370, Crystal Ledbetter, Realtor®

  1. UPGRADE your home and ADD VALUE !