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What to consider when moving to Raleigh, NC!

What to know when moving to Raleigh NC.

5 things to consider when moving to Raleigh, NC!

Yes, it’s fantastic in regards to education, weather, food, proximity to beach & mountains and growing diversity ! However, keep in mind nothing is perfect. With the growth comes the factors below to consider about the ‘City of Oaks.’

  1. Competitive Housing Market –with investors targeting the area and the mass exodus from the west and north to the thriving “next Silicon Valley” Raleigh housing market can be a bit much to endure. You want in –so does everyone else. It’s no longer a secret –shop homes here !
  2. Extreme Pollen booms as spring pushes through each year. Get your allergy meds activated, the pollen can be detrimental to seasonal allergies.
  3. High Humidity –you are in ‘The South” and with that comes humidity to take you down. I like to get wet at a local community pool, have a backyard splash, or jump into a lake or local watering hole. Staying inside with the A/C is always another option.
  4. With growth and population increases, comes the Heavier Traffic. Rush hour traffic has commenced in all directions during rush hour traffic periods. Bring your patience !
  5. With heat and humidity come Insects. Mosquitos, flys and no-see-um insects love to enjoy the hot North Carolina summers as well.

All-in-all weigh the pros with the cons and what works best for you and your lifestyle. The secret is out, Raleigh is a great place to live –but, no where is perfect as described in the 5 considerations above.

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