Buyer Tips March 13, 2024

How to Move With Your Pet

Considering a move to the Raleigh area?

We all love our pets and Coco our Boston Terrier is the best.

3 tips to help your dog adjust to a new home👇🏼🏡

🐾Don’t change your routine schedule. Feed, walk, play at the same times each day.
🐾Establish familiar places within your home. Set their bed and blankets here.
🐾Hire a dog sitter for moving day.

Also, ease your pet into the home and contain them to a small portion of the home before allowing full access. It can be overwhelming to take in a new space all at once.

Finally and most importantly provide the support and comfort they know and expect from you in the form of extra rubs, walks and treats.

Welcome home, it’s going to be pawfect!